The Driver
General Information
Gender Male
Occupation Cab Driver
Affiliations Jess
Status Alive
Debut Triangle
Appearances Triangle
Portrayed by Bryan Probets
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The Driver is a character seen in the film.

Actor Portrayal

Bryan Probets portrayed the Driver.

Movie Story

After the car crash at the end of the film, Jess is seen looking at a dead Tommy and the other Jess. The driver appears and tells her that there is nothing she can do to save him. He then asks if she needs a ride. She tells him to take her to the harbor.  Upon arriving, he says that he'll keep the meter running, and he asks her if she'll return. She promises him that she'll return.


  • Due to his role in the film, many believe that the driver is the one who causes the Time Loop.
  • The Driver, taking Jess to the harbor, mimics Hermes taking Sisyphus to Tartarus.


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