General Information
Gender Male
Affiliations Victor
Status Alive/Deceased
Debut Triangle
Appearances Triangle
Portrayed by Michael Dorman
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Can't you see, this is all just, in your mind?
— Greg to Jess

Greg is a character seen in the film.

Actor Portrayal

Michael Dorman portrayed Greg.

Movie Story

Greg was first seen on the Triangle, preparing the ship for the journey to come. Seconds later; Sally, Downey and Heather arrive. Greg is introduced to Heather. Sally had brought Heather for him to meet. Then, he leaves them as he sees Jess arriving with Victor. Jess then hugs him.

Later, Greg is seen talking to Victor about Jess. Jess and Heather then surfaces and Jess then speaks to him. Heather had interrupted them because Sally wanted to speak with Jess. As Jess is about to move, Victor notice that the wind had disappeared. Downey spotted the approaching storm clouds. Greg then makes a call to the coast guards. Then, a distress call is heard. Greg tried to make contact with the coast guard by calling them, but to no avail. The storm then capsizes the boat, leaving then stranded and killing Heather in the process. Then then see an approaching ship.

They then board the Aeolus. They walk around only to find that the ships is completely empty. Jess seems to have a feeling of déjà vu, but Greg disregards her notion. They enter the ballroom where Jess spots someone and Victor goes to see who it was. Greg tells Jess and Greg then walks away. They hear water pouring in a room and they enter it. They see a message written in blood which instructs them to go to the theater.

Later, Greg is found dead in the theater. Sally tells Jess that he said that she had shoot him. Greg had been talking to a Jess from the previous cycle on the balcony of the theater. Jess was the one who shot him.


He seems to have suppressed feelings for Jess.

Greg is friends with Sally and Downey.

He is friends with Victor.


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