Swaves at Jess
General Information
Gender Female
Affiliations Downey
Status Alive/Deceased
Debut Triangle
Appearances Triangle
Portrayed by Rachael Carpani
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Okay, she’s really starting to freak me out.
— Speaking to Downey about Jess.

Sally is a character seen in the film.

Actor Portrayal

Rachael Carpani portrayed Sally.

Movie Story

Sally arrives with Downey and Heather at the harbor. Sally introduces Greg to Heather, a friend of hers. Sally intends for the two to be a pair. Sally then speaks to Heather while Downey spoke to Greg.

Later, Sally was with Downey, until Victor asked for his help, leaving her alone. Sally then speaks to Heather about Jess. She suspects Jess to be only after Greg's money. Sally then wanted to speak to Jess, but they never got the chance because of a storm which capsizes the boat, leaving them stranded at sea and killing Heather in the process. Later, they board an approaching ship. They were wandering the boat, until they stumble upon the ballroom. They then walk about, Sally saw blood on the floor of the ship. Moments later, Sally and Downey are in the theater, they were with a dead Greg. Jess the enters and they tell her that he said that she was the one who shot her. Downey is killed and then Sally. 


Downey is her husband.

Heather is her friend.

Greg is her friend.


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  • She studied Greek mythology.


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