Notable quotes from Sally.

Featured Quotes

  • "Have you seen Heather?"
  • "Heather!"
  • "Do you think Heather would’ve made it on board?"
  • "Somebody please help us."
  • "He cheated death, no, he made a promise to death that he didn’t keep."
  • "Can we just, keep on moving please?"
  • "Well did you see who it was, was it Heather?"
  • "Is that blood?"
  • "He’s dead, he’s dead, look!"
  • "My God, you’re a fucking schizo."
  • "Help me, please help me, she’s killing everyone. They’re dead, they’re all dead."
  • "Stay away from me."
  • "You killed him."
  • "Please, don’t hurt me."
  • "Okay, she’s really starting to freak me out."

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