Triangle soundtrack cover.

The film has a soundtrack.


Following the wide UK theatrical premiere of the film on October 16, MovieScore Media releases the dark and spine-chilling Triangle score by Christian Henson (The Secret of Moonacre). Featuring the mesmerizing voice of Dot Allison (known for her collaborations with Massive Attack, Death in Vegas and Pete Doherty) and vocal group Synergy, Henson’s score starts out with an unforgettable opening track (“Lullaby”) and then grows into a very strong horror thriller score with strikingly original orchestrations (with an emphasis on basses and celli) and scary electronic sound design (some of it experimental on the verge of musique concrète).

The film, which stars Liam Hemsworth and Melissa George, is directed by Christopher Smith, for whom Christian Henson previously scored Severance, which earned the composer an Ivor Novello Award nomination for ‘Best Original Movie Score’.


1. Lullaby [3:23]
2. Gathering Clouds [1:10]
3. Storm [2:47]
4. Open Seas [1:33]
5. Dead Calm [0:56]
6. Aeolus [1:33]
7. Blood Drops [1:02]
8. Accusation [2:03]
9. The Armoury [1:39]
10. The Arrival [1:38]
11. Jess Spots Downy [2:11]
12. Lockets [3:20]
13. Jess Eavesdrops [5:02]
14. Vic's Trail of Blood [2:07]
15. Loop 3 [2:09]
16. Cabin Executions [2:14]
17. Let Her Go [1:16]
18. Sallys [2:51]
19. Jess Carries Out Execution [2:13]
20. Jess Returns Home [3:27]
21. The Driver [3:43]

Triangle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack Triangle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Composer/Artists Christian Henson - Dot Allison
Songs Lullaby - Gathering Clouds - Storm - Open Seas - Dead Calm - Aeolus (song) - Blood Drops - Accusation - The Armoury - The Arrival - Jess Spots Downy - Lockets - Jess Eavesdrops - Vic's Trail of Blood - Loop 3 - Cabin Executions - Let Her Go - Sallys - Jess Carries Out Execution - Jess Returns Home - The Driver

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