The killer and Jess.

A number of viewers have suggested that there is a similarity to the film Los cronocrímenes (Timecrimes). These suggestions generally centre on perceived similarities in the plot and overall theme, and the use of a masked protagonist. However, Timecrimes was released in September 2007, whereas Christopher Smith and Jason Newmark explain on the film's Making of documentary that the central idea for Triangle came about while they were in Cannes in 2004 after making Creep. Also, Smith referred to the production of Triangle in an interview with Shock Till You Drop in May 2007 - months before the release of Timecrimes.

Smith discussed similarities between Triangle and other films in an interview with Bloody Disgusting: "At roughly the same time there was Triangle, Timecrimes, Moon and Primer (slightly before but similar), all of which deal with the idea of looking back at yourself. Its the zeitgeist I suppose, film-makers responding to the news and culture around them and asking themselves, whos the good guy, whos the bad guy, and feeding this into their work."

The sackcloth mask used in Triangle was inspired by Friday the 13th Part 2, and is one of many intentional movie references that appear throughout the film. The "mask" worn by the killer in Timecrimes is in fact a wrapped-round bandage.

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