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The Forecast is Evil!

Christopher Smith got the original idea for Triangle when he and producer Jason Newmark saw an ocean liner at Cannes and Newmark asked him "Why don't you set a movie on an ocean liner?" Smith has explained in interviews and on the DVD commentary that he then needed to find a mythology to turn this idea into a whole feature film. This led him to set the story in the Bermuda Triangle, and he referred to this in early interviews. As the script was developed and production progressed, direct references to the Bermuda Triangle were dropped, however the title was retained and some indirect references remain: e.g. Smith named the yacht "Triangle" so that the audience could infer a connection, and the home port of the Aeolus is given as Miami (one of the three vertices of the Bermuda Triangle). On the film's Making of documentary, Newmark says "The film is set off the coast of Miami. We don't refer once in the film to the Bermuda Triangle, but it's kind of there as a hook on which to hang the hat if we want to."


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