General Information
Gender Male
Affiliations Greg
Status Alive/Deceased
Debut Triangle
Appearances Triangle
Portrayed by Liam Hemsworth
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What are you saying?
— Victor to Jess

Victor is a character seen in the film.

Actor Portrayal

Liam Hemsworth portrayed Victor.

Movie Story

Victor is seen arriving at the harbor with Jess. Victor had responded to a question that Greg had asked Jess. Victor is then seen on the Triangle, helping Greg sail the ship. Victor had asked Downey to help him. Greg then speaks to Victor about Jess.

Later, Victor notice that the winds have suddenly stopped. A storm had passed, capsizing the ship and killing Heather in the process. Later, the board the Aeolus. They walk around only to find that the ship is empty. While walking around, they hear something, Victor investigates and finds a set of keys belonging to Jess. Later, in the ballroom, Jess sees something, Victor goes to investigate.

Later, a wounded Victor attacks Jess in the ballroom. He is killed by her in the process.


He is friends with Greg. Greg had help him in his time of need by letting him stay in the boat with him.


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